How to Choose an Ideal Wedding Dress Style For Your Unique Personality

Most women dream to have an ideal wedding dress for their big days even when they are young girls. Likewise, many brides-to-be begin to seek for the wedding dress long time before their wedding dates. You are right to crave for something distinctive due to your unique personality. However, choosing perfect wedding dress is not easy. You must get overwhelmed when it comes to shop for your special dress by a vast category of wedding gowns and accessories on the market.

Choosing ideal dress for your special day largely depends on your own taste. Usually speaking, the bride gets to know which piece she exactly wants at the moment when she puts the dress on. But it will be a waste of time if you do not know some tips to choose the wedding dress. Here is a guide for you about how to choose ideal dress for your special day.

What you care most on the wedding dress is style. You must already have a visionary sense of your dress. You imagined what that piece should look like before. Therefore, consider thoughts you have in mind first. It’ s advisable to combine your chic ideas with what’ s available in reality by talented designers. It is important to make you feel that this particular design is meant for you especially. Let it be distinctive in each aspect.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you must keep updated with the newest trends on these special clothing. If you have nothing in your mind, it’ s wise to consult an expert or some magazines. You may get some inspiration there. There will be numerous styles available. Keep in mind to choose what you, instead of your close friends or relatives like. After all it is your wedding. It’ s vital to dress you up with your favorite style.

While choosing the style, it’ s unadvisable to depend on a second or third opinion. To be honest, every piece is beautiful. What you select is certainly a matter of personal opinion. You do get to know which style meets your demand once putting it on.

A right style should flatter your figure. It also speaks for your taste. Make sure the fabric you will adopt is the best for the chosen style. It must be comfortable. Moreover, it does not get wrinkled the full day.

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Wedding Jewelry For Your Wedding Dress Style

Coordinating your wedding jewelry to your wedding dress style is important in looking amazing on your wedding day. Check out these popular dress styles and the types of wedding jewelry that would look perfect with them! Just remember, it’s your wedding and your style, so make sure your jewelry reflects your personality.

Strapless Wedding Dress – A strapless dress is one of the most popular dress styles right now. If your dress is adorned with a pretty pattern or crystals, skip the necklace, and go with a cute bracelet, dangling earrings and a pretty wedding tiara. If the dress is a bit more simple, keep the necklace on to make your ensemble a little more elegant.

Cap Sleeve Dress – Cap sleeve dresses are super cute and blend a modern dress style with a traditional dress. For this style, a necklace, short earrings or diamond studs/pearls, and a small, elegant bracelet would look exquisite.

Tea Length Dress – Tea length is becoming more and more popular, and is perfect for more relaxed weddings. We suggest going with a thicker necklace, perhaps pearls, that sits close to your neck, and a matching chunky bracelet. Stick with diamond studs or pearls that sit close to your ears. A small, thin wedding headband with crystals would look absolutely beautiful.

High Neck Dress – The high neck look is popular in not only wedding dress styles, but everyday fashion as well. Choose a pretty bracelet that will stand out, pretty dangling earrings, and a wedding tiara. This way, all eyes will continually travel upwards to complement your dress.

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Wedding Dress Trends – Top Wedding Dress Styles for the Modern Bride

Reflecting the overall trend of breaking away from tradition and steadfast rules, modern brides are choosing wedding gowns that reflect their personality and vision–not necessarily their grandmother’s. The only rule for wedding dress style these days is to choose one that suits you. Whether that means wearing a gold wedding dress, trouser suit or sundress, go with it! And even if you are more traditional and have always envisioned yourself as the fairy princess in the white satin ballgown, you needn’t worry about being perceived as old fashioned or “not with the times.” The modern “rule” for wedding dress style is to choose something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful on your day.

That said, although certain traditional dress styles are always popular, bridal fashion does follow mainstream fashion to some extent. So if you are looking for something a little more contemporary or “now,” consider turning to the catwalks for inspiration.

The currently popular 20s-and floral-style dresses can be easily incorporated into a wedding dress. Accessories, such as chandelier earrings, can also transfer from the catwalks to comprise your wedding look. Try to avoid fashion that will date quickly, however, as you will want to display your wedding photographs for a long time. As a general rule, keep your wedding ensemble fashionably forward, not overly trendy.

Today’s Hot Wedding Dress Trends:

Add Some Color -

Using a wedding dress to bring out a colorful personality, modern brides are not afraid to add a splash of color to the traditional white gown. Whether that means adding a colored ribbon or piece of jewelry or foregoing the white wedding dress all together, today’s brides find inventive ways to incorporate color into their wedding attire. Particularly popular shades are blue, pink, cappuccino and champagne.

Lace Up -

Lace has made a recent comeback, exuding a look vintage romance that is feminine, yet not overdone. Many brides are enchanted by lace, envisioning a majestic day in a lush green garden.

Magnificent Embroidery -

For an ultra elegant, opulent feel, glamour girls savor wedding gowns adorned with intricate hand-embroidered details. This look warrants grand chandeliers, candlelight and an isle of red roses.

Ultra-Feminine -

As seen on the runway, feminine details are making a big impact. Ribbons, ruffles, flowers and bows are finding their way back onto wedding dresses and taking femininity to a new level. Brides who envision themselves floating along the cobblestones of a historic mansion will love this look.

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Wedding Dress Tips For When You Are Considering Wedding Dress Styles

When you are shopping for a dress for your wedding day, there are quite a few things to consider with wedding dress designs. What I thought I would share with you are some wedding dress tips that I learned while in the process of buying my dress.

1. One of the first wedding dress tips you should consider is to keep an open mind. Since there are so many wedding dress styles available, even before you go to buy a dress, you can easily be overwhelmed.

I was very specific about the type of dress I was going to wear. I swore I was going to buy a tea length dress that was vintage, very 50′s, and ended up purchasing a mermaid wedding dress. Go figure! Therefore, don’t be surprised if you end up trying on something you thought you would never wear and end up loving it.

2. Go with your gut. Once you try on the dress and it looks fabulous on you, then you are done shopping and you don’t need to continue looking at various wedding dress designs. You will stress out and make yourself crazy if you start comparing your dress with others you see in magazines, stores and online.

3. Before you buy a dress, determine what your budget is. What I did was when researching various wedding dress styles; I telephoned the manufacturer to learn where the dress was sold locally. I then called the store to find out what the price was to determine if the dress was in my budget. Don’t discount a dress if it is very inexpensive, again go try it on, you might be pleasantly surprised.

4. On a tight budget? Then once you have an idea of wedding dress styles and what type of dress looks good on you, check out eBay, consignment stores, thrift stores, sample sales and in some cities, you can rent your dress as well. I knew someone who once stumbled upon a garage sale and there, hanging on the garage, was her dress!

5. Some other wedding dress tips to keep in mind are to remember that you want to be comfortable on your wedding day. Never in a million years did I think I would be comfortable in a mermaid wedding dress but was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on and not only did it fit perfectly but it was also easy to move around in.

6. Also, remember not all wedding dress designs will fit you perfectly especially in the dress length. Therefore, leave yourself a few months for alterations. If you have to order the dress, then tag on another 6 months leaving yourself with at least an 8 months lead time for manufacturing and altering the dress prior to your wedding day.

7. Finally, have fun with your dress. Add an accent or two if you wish. I intend to do something to compliment my groom by wearing either a pink tool wrap or maybe replace the white ribbon that ties the bodice with a pink ribbon.

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Examples of the Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles

Women are always been fond of talking about the latest fashion trend, especially on wedding dresses. In this way, they can greatly imagine how they wish to appear when the day comes for their wedding event. The most popular choice among brides is the Grecian dress. It shows elegance along with its flowing style that is so feminine and draping details, making it very unique among other dresses. This wedding dress is often one-shouldered and designed with plaited or gold ornaments. When you wear the Grecian wedding dress, you can imagine yourself as a Greek goddess. So, it is also advisable to opt for a braid across your head of wavy hair. You might as well include some arm bangle or golden flat sandals.

If you do not prefer to look like a Greek goddess, then why not try to look like a princess. A princess dress basically is the favorite among girly brides who wish to make a remarkable fashion statement on their big day. This style has full, floor-length skirts, and a tight bodice. You can complete your princess look by having a tiara and your hair in a bun, or you can also opt for a glass shoes.

Speaking of princess wedding dresses, as you may have imagined a Cinderella-like bride, you can also opt to be Ariel-like bride. Although many women are not impressed with this style because it makes them look like a penguin with their fit tight together, this however does not restrict your walking. A mermaid wedding dress is not as tight from the knee down and can have a contrasting fabric such as lace. This is especially applicable below the knee or embellishment to create distinction on the shape of the dress. This dress style creates an enviable shape as the bodice is often fitted to emphasize the flared hem line.

Every year, wedding dress styles continues to evolve, creating different kinds of it and allows women to create among varied styles. A wedding dress may also come in different colors besides the traditional ones like white, ivory, and cream. The most popular colors for weddings include purple, red, and navy blue and some brides choose to have a contrasting color for the underskirt or train only.

If you want to be classy and elegant during your wedding day, why not try the vintage wedding dress style? This can capture the image of flashback where grace and sophistication were obligatory. This can also add a touch of refinement to your wedding, especially if you have it fashioned during the eras of early 20th century. The classic features include lace, beading and embellishment, and fringing. Adding more tot this, you can go further and add some headdresses, gloves, and a vintage brooch to your vintage theme.

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