Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dress – Walk Down the Aisle in Style

Searching for a cheap plus size wedding dress is really the same as shopping for any other type of wedding gown. A bride wants a dress that makes her look beautiful, but she needs to be comfortable too. There is a gown out there waiting for you that will fit all your wedding day requirements, so don’t despair. Here are some tips on finding a cheap plus size wedding dress that will flatter a voluptuous figure.

Some styles of wedding dresses just look better on plus size figures than others do. When you’re looking for cheap plus size wedding gowns, you want one that will show off your best features. So take your own individual body shape into consideration to find the gown that will look best on you.

Nobody has a perfect body, so don’t let anyone to talk you into buying a cheap plus size wedding dress that’s covered in ruffles and bows. This tactic usually only draws attention to an area, rather than camouflaging it. So allow yourself plenty of time to choose your gown, and select one that actually enhances your figure instead of covering it up.

If your feminine shoulders are an asset you’re proud of, look for a gown that emphasizes them. The feminine curves of your shoulders would naturally be the focus of a halter style or strapless wedding dress. If you’re blessed with great legs, show them off in a dress with a sexy slit up the side, or wear a tea-length style gown that will show off your legs. You may be looking for a cheap plus size wedding dress, but also make sure it’s a dress you absolutely love – it’s your wedding, and your gown should make you feel like a princess.

Certain dress styles are better suited to the plus-size figure. The fitted upper bodice of an A-line dress, along with its flaring skirt, are particularly flattering on a plus size woman. If you have an hourglass figure, then an off-the-shoulder, full-skirted ball gown style would be very striking on you. And the waistline of a Basque style dress, which begins below your waist and meets in an attractive V shape, looks great on a bride who has fuller hips.

Finally, wedding gown designers have realized that there is no difference between a bride who has a plus size figure and any other bride. Just as all brides do, a full-figured bride wants to feel like royalty on her special day. Today we have many choices, and in every price range, so finding a beautiful cheap plus size wedding dress that’s right for you won’t be as difficult as you might think.

More than anything, remember to show off your best assets with elegance and grace. With the right cheap plus size wedding dress, you’ll save yourself the stress of over-spending your budget – and you’ll look beautiful too!

Indian Wedding Dress Styles

Looking beautiful and adored by everyone is every girl’s wish for the time a one can remember, and if it happens to be the would-be-bride then you need to be super perfect in makeup, clothes, jewellery and all. The bride has a number of options to choose for clothes to wear on the big day like Saree, Ghagra Choli or Lehenga or a Salwaar Kameez depending upon every girls’ choice or wish. Red colour is considered as the colour for the bride but now-a-days girls are experimenting with the choice of colour for their wedding dress.


Sarees have become a style statement of women all around the globe for traditional as well as fashionable way. The saree is 6 yards of fabric which when draped in a particular manner gives rise to attire that is complete in every aspect. The elegance of saree depends on the way it is made in terms of embroidery or beautiful work done on it and the cloth it is made of like chiffon, banarasi, silk, kanjivaram, etc. One has an option to choose from traditional to designer range of sarees.

Ghagra Choli or Lehenga:

Lehengas have become popular not only for the brides but also for girls attending the wedding. A Lehenga is a full length skirt worn with a shorter or a waist length blouse and dupatta. There are a variety of lehengas available in the market as straight cut, A-line, full flare, etc. The grace of lehenga depends on the kind of heavy work or embroidery done on it. The colour of this depends upon the taste of the bride or the colour trend in the market.

Salwaar Kameez:

It consists of a long tunic, well designed pants and a dupatta with some elaborate work, heavy embellishments, patterns, and cuts. This type of dress is mostly popular among the Punjabi girls hence, reflecting their enriched Punjabi tradition.

Traditional sarees

Since ages, Indian women have been wearing traditional sarees. It is a piece of cloth which is 5 to 7 meters long and is worn over a blouse and a petticoat. It is simply worn around the waist with neat pleats. There is an unlimited range of traditional sarees which includes kanjiwaram, pochampolli, venkatgiri, kota, etc. The traditional work of sequence makes these types of sarees popular mostly among the older generation women. No doubt, the traditional sarees gives you an amazing Indian look, but it could be a bit uncomfortable to walk around with it.

Designer sarees

With the changing trends, designer sarees are becoming a trend among the modern age women as they want to look traditional, but without the hassle of draping those long meters of cloth. The designers play around with fabric to create sarees with a traditional look and a modern twist hence, it creates a pressure on the designers to generate designer sarees with a traditional look, but minimum fuss. To meet the upcoming demands of the young females Indian designers have come up with some innovative styles such as pyjamas instead of long flaring peti coats, saree gowns, etc. A saree with an inbuilt blouse and a divided pallu is a deadly fusion of comfort with a sexy look by keeping it intact no matter what you do. But to buy that one piece you will have to look at your budget.

Bollywood sarees

Bollywood clothing has immensely influenced the Indian culture, mainly Indian couture. Every upcoming movie brings some new trends which are consistently followed by bollywood inspired youngsters. Young and contemporary women look forward to dress up like their favourite celebrities on the wedding occasions. Bollywood sarees are in vogue as it comes in a variety of colors, stones, sequins, etc. and they give an elegant and a rich look of diva.

A wedding is a big day for girl so the preparation of clothes is not an easy job, make it exclusive and illustrious by choosing the right style to cherish for the rest of the life.

A Brief Introduction to Wedding Dress Styles

Every woman in the world wants to look fabulous on her big day. This needs great efforts to achieve the effect. One of the most important aspects is the wedding dress. Today I’ll going to introduce the major wedding dress styles and help you to choose the wedding dress style which flatters your body most.

Generally speaking, there are five major bridal dress styles in terms of the silhouette of a dress. They are A-line/Princess, Empire, Mermaid/Fishtail, Ball Gown, and Column.

A-line or Princess line dress can be called the most ideal and most populous one because it almost suits every one. The A-line dress is characterized by a shape that is fitted around the bodice and flows out to the ground with the outline of uppercase A. This kind of dress can slimmer your waist and flatter your bust. Due to its classic and simple style, the A-line dress can be worn in any occasion, varying from a quite backyard, a traditional church ceremony to a beach wedding ceremony. In a word, A-line dress is pretty versatile, you can stand out your strong points of body or hide those of which you are not so pound by add simple modifications to neckline, waistline or fabric etc.

An empire dress features a shape with a raised waistline and a virtually straight line past the hips. It is especially appropriately for those bridals have a small bust or a broad waist. Like the A-line, the empire dress is also very versatile. The sleeve on an empire dress ranges in length from a long, bell sleeves for a chilly winter wedding to a sleek, sleeveless terrific design for an outdoor summer ceremony. Light fabrics such as chiffon, silk contribute to a graceful and romantic effect.

A column dress, also referred as a sheath, is fitted with a straight skirt. It tends to hug the body so that it shows all curves. There are many ways to change the overall look of a column dress. Different necklines, sleeve length, skirts length and fabrics can give a totally fresh look of the dress. A willowy bridal bride, tall or short, in a column dress is definitely the focus of the wedding. Due to its design, a column dress is not a good choice for those plump bridals. Besides, the bride in a column dress may have constrictions on your movement such as sit and dance.

The ball gown has a full skirt and is most suitable for a large and traditional. Trains are perfect with the ball gown, both cathedral length train and brush lent train. A ball gown can flatter your from head to toe if you have a full bust and a small hip. But for those petite bridals, it not wise to wear a ball gown dress because it make you smaller and seem to disappear into skirt. Anyway, the A-line is a better choice for petite bride.

A mermaid dress, also known as hourglass, is tightly fitted to the body from chest to knee. This is a pretty sexy look which highlights the curves of a woman. So bridals need to be very confident to their figures and be sure that you are comfortable to sit and walk in a mermaid dress. What’s more, brides also need to pay attention to the under wears beneath the dress for it’s likely to reveal the outline of under wears, which makes brides come to an embarrassing situation.

After you have a general idea about the dress styles in terms of silhouette, it is much easier to pick the perfect dress on your big day.